Gym Club Chains

Gym club chains typically have smartphone apps for their members that offer any combination of; on-line session booking; club news; health and dietary advice; merchandise sales; and video tutorials and tips for different routines. The goal is to keep members engaged.

Integrating the GymPraaktis Exercise Engine® into an app, allows more interaction between the club and its members, more communication among members and friends and opportunities to extend coaching activities. It can be used to encourage competition, improve technique and increase membership.


Some individuals have a significant following on social media or other platforms. Creating applications using the The GymPraaktis Exercise Engine®, allows individuals to generate new revenue, through subscription, advertising and merchandising based on high levels of user engagement and commitment.

Individual licensees can create unique content through their own custom routines and exercises as well as offering personalised analysis of performance automatically produced from data generated by an app.

Gym Associations

Many gyms and chains are too small to develop their own capabilities. Industry associations can use The GymPraaktis Exercise Engine® to create smartphone apps that would benefit some of their smaller members. This would be a source of revenue as well as support through sub-license arrangements.

Importantly the technology can be used to help ensure that individuals learn correct technique and can constantly monitor their technique to minimise risk of injury and maximise the benefits from the exercise they are undertaking.