GymPraaktis uses deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) modules in the server side of the application. The modules incorporate patented processes used under license from Praaktis Limited. The system also used Strategy Pattern capabilities to enable the analysis of any routine making use of information from networking, encoding and visualisation elements of the videos created.

Within the GymPraaktis application Camera2, MediaCodec and Android capabilities are all used. The Exercise Engine® is embedded within the User Journey, which also communicates via APIs with the database that is used to store results and provide information back to the individual application. The database itself uses PostgreSQL and is designed to accommodate any number of exercises and up to ten different sub-measurements as calculated by the Exercise Engine®.

The database also handles different levels of progress, an ability to create rewards. These are designed to encourage continued engagement of he users striving to improve performance and technique is key exercise routines. The database and User Journey allow creation of localised groups of ‘friends’ and affinity groups (e.g. clubs and teams) to encourage network effects in terms of app download and usage.